“This program has helped me realize other people besides me are affected by my actions. I got my DUI after the loss of my first child, but due to this, I realize I need to stop justifying my actions and take responsibility for what I chose to do.”

“I am lucky. My DUI was in the parking lot where I lived. I went back and thanked the lady that called the cops on me. She may have saved lives by doing that.”

“VIP has helped me to look at things in a different way. I definitely think everyone should come to these.”


For more information, call Alyson at (931) 200-9168 or email at tnvip1@yahoo.com

Note: Pre-registration is NOT required to attend.

For class needs in Cumberland, Loudon, Warren, or Roane Counties please contact Shane at 931-319-8337.

*If unable to attend one of the scheduled classes, personal appointments are available in Crossville, TN only. Please call Shane at (931) 319-8337 if a personal appointment is needed.

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A Must Read !  Kim Ledford, a VIP facilitator & speaker, has published a book that chronicles the life & tragic death of her precious son Dustin.  The book “Live Wide Open” is authored by Kim and Karen White Porter and is available to purchase on Amazon.




The Victims’ Impact Panel, Inc. (VIP) is a non-profit organization with a powerful program aimed at combating drunk driving. This program offers a unique perspective to the drinking driver, presenting in a very personal way, the far-reaching effects of the choice to drink and drive. Through live panel presentations, the audience experiences the impact of drunk driving through the eyes of:

A victim: “The good news was that our daughter was killed instantly.”

A rescue professional: “It’s the faces of the children killed by drunk drivers that you never forget.”

An offender: “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the lady I killed. And it was all because I chose to drive after drinking.”


Drinking and driving is taking innocent lives and leaving behind loved ones who must forever grieve their losses. This is happening in epidemic proportions, statewide and nationwide. It is the number one killer of our young people. Unlike other fatal epidemics, drinking and driving has a cure. We don’t need research to find the answer. The answer is found in those who are forever changed because of someone’s decision to drive after drinking.


Under order of the courts, the DUI offender is required to attend a local program as part of their sentence.  The program lasts 2 hours from sign-in to finish, and the fee to attend is $50.00. Upon completion, they will be given a certificate and receipt as proof of their attendance.

For more information, call Alyson at (931) 200-9168 or email at tnvip1@yahoo.com

Note: Pre-registration is NOT required to attend.